Brandon / SaturnKai

Hello there! I am an 18 year old self taught fullstack web and desktop developer. I have been developing for over 7 years, starting with C++ and C#. I maintain a fair amount of open source projects, most of which can be found here!

~104.94 days until my birthday! 🎂

My cat.

My Work

I am most well known for my work on Kula World, an old Playstation 1 game first released in 1998 by Game Design Sweden. The game has been a pretty big part of my childhood, being one of the first games I've ever played, so I have a lot of nostalgia for it. About 3 years ago, me and a friend started modding the game, and eventually we became the first to create a full fledged level editor allowing users to create their own custom levels. I've made even more tools since then such as a randomizer, texture editor, and a sound editor. (Although some of these tools have not had a public release, yet...) Our website for the game can be found here! Working on this game has been a really big journey in my career, and it's the reason why I even know web development today!

I also enjoy reverse engineering, which is a common workflow for modding the game especially. This includes reversing assembly instructions, analyzing memory and custom file formats. I like figuring out how things work, and how I can modify some of its behaviors to do what I want it to do.

Screenshot from Kula World. First Ever Kula World Texture Mod
Screenshot from Kula World. First Ever Kula World Level Mod